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White Water

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Annacloy River

DescriptionThe Annacloy river rises in the Dromara Hills and flows into Strangford Lough. Excellent paddling is had between Mason's bridge and Kilmore with regular and continuous rapids and weirs. Between Kilmore and Annacloy the river is quieter although there are still a couple of weirs. Below Annacloy the river calms down to Jane's Shore. Canoeing is not at present permitted below Jane's shore as entry to the Quoile Pondage Nature reserve is not permitted. There are at least 2 dangerous weirs between Raleagh and Rademon however they can be easily portaged.
GradeII (III)
StartMasons Bridge
FinishRaleagh Bridge
Access PointsMasons Bridge GR: 406-513 Raleagh Bridge GR: 410-521 Kilmore GR: 448-509 Annacloy GR: 448-483 Jane's Shore GR: 487-464

Balinderry River

DescriptionRunning 8 kilometres from Corkhill Bridge to Cookstown. A small river with weirs at regular intervals. A bit overgrown in the upper parts.
StartCorkhill Bridge GR H734 792
FinishKings Bridge GR H812 765
Access PointsArdtrea GR H861 769 Jetty, Canoe Steps

Glenarm River

DescriptionThe Glenarm and Glendun rivers are spate mountain rivers with large drops and heavy rapids. They should not be undertaken lightly.
GradeIV - V
Access PointsBryvore Bridge GR: 164-274 Access GR: 301-119

Glendun River

DescriptionThe Glenarm and Glendun rivers are spate mountain rivers with large drops and heavy rapids. They should not be undertaken lightly.
GradeIV - V
Access PointsBryvore Bridge GR: 164-274 Access GR: 301-119

Glenelly River

DescriptionRunning Plumbride to the Owenkillew below Gortin. (See Owenkillew section for more details)from A heavy rainfall is needed to ensure a decent water level. Care should be taken with low trees.
StartPlumbridge GR H485914
FinishKillymore Bridge GR H438 873
Access PointsCorrick Bridge GR H450 886

Lower Bann

DescriptionThe river Bann is an excellent touring river being accessible from Toome to the sea a distance of approx 55 kms. Immediately after Toome the Bann opens into Lough Beg. The Eastern side of Lough Beg has many interesting islands for exploring. There are a number of places for practicing moving water techniques below the lock gates. The best sites are at Portna, Movanagher and the Cutts. Conditions at the Cutts can easily reach grade especially at low tide. The Bann is tidal downstream of the Cutts The Lower Bann is flat, however there are a number of weirs and sluices on the river which are hazardous. All can easily be portaged or use can be made of the lock system.
Length40 - 55km
GradeFlat - with wiers and sluices which can be easily portaged using the facilities provided
FinishColeraine Marina
Access PointsToome GR: 989-905 Newferry GR: 990-981 Portglenone GR: 975-039 Portna GR: 937-124 Agivey Bridge GR: 909-229 Drumaheglis GR: 903-252 Colebreen GR: 881-280 Castleroe GR: 863-300 The Cutts GR: 852-304 Coleraine Marina GR: 845-338

Owenkillew River

DescriptionThe Owenkillew is an excellent grade 2 river with a grade 3 rapid at the gorge. There is a new weir just after the gorge, which although not large is very dangerous due to the anti-scour lip on it. It is recommended to portage this weir.
GradeII (III)
StartGortin Bridge

River Blackwater

DescriptionThe Blackwater has a very large catchment area and generally holds water levels longer than many other rivers. Above Benburb the river is very sinuous and there are a number of small weirs and rapids. Benburb has 4 main weirs which can be a very serious undertaking in certain conditions. The top weir has had a fatality and so great caution is required here. Below Benburb the river becomes wider and slower moving towards Lough Neagh. The Argory is worth a visit. Weirs some of which are dangerous especially at Benburb.
FinishVernon's Bridge
Access PointsAugher Road Bridge near Favour Royal Caledon Metal Bridge Battleford Bridge Benburb Moydown Bridge Moy Argory Vernon's Bridge

River Bush

DescriptionThe Bush rises on the Western side of the Antrim plateau and is fed by many tributaries as it flows to Bushmills. The paddling is pleasant relatively straightforward as far as Seneirl Bridge. However below this there are no easy access points before the big waterfall on the outskirts of Bushmills. There are also a number of weirs in Bushmills.
GradeII - III (V)
FinishSeneirl Bridge
Access PointsArmoy GR: 067-325 Stranocum GR: 010-306 Benvardin Bridge GR: 945-336 Seneirl Bridge GR: 942360

River Main

DescriptionBetween the Glarryford area and Galgorm the Main is a pleasant grade 2 river with some notable weirs. From Galgorm to Randalstown the river takes on a slower nature and is pleasant touring.
GradeII (III) Wiers of varying difficulty
StartDunminning Bridge
Access PointsDunminning Bridge GR: 050-108 Moylarg GR: 049-089 Cullybackey GR: 054-058 Galgorm GR: 076-023 Randalstown GR: 082-912

River Mourne

DescriptionThe Mourne is probably the best White water river in N. Ireland in terms of water volume and natural rapids. Upstream of Newtownstewart is fairly flat but can flow quite quickly. The Fisheries rapids begins about 1 mile downstream of Newtownstewart. Although graded 3 the Fisheries does not wash out at high water but becomes very large up to grade 4 - 5. From the Fisheries to Sion Mills there is excellent white water with waves, rapids and play holes at grade 2 - 3. At Sion Mills there is a very large weir which can be extremely dangerous. Egress can easily be gained by keeping very close to the left bank.
GradeII - III (IV)
Access PointsNewtownstewart New Bridge Confluence Derg Victoria Bridge Sion Mills Strabane

River Roe

DescriptionFrom Dungiven to Carrick Rocks the Roe is shallow and does not hold great interest for the White water enthusiast, however, it flows through pleasant countryside fro the touring paddler. From Carrick Rocks there is excellent white water to the car park below O'Cahan's rock at grade 2 - 3. There is a weir at O'Cahan's rock which can be dangerous in certain water conditions. The river can rise extremely quickly during heavy rain, i.e. over 1 metre in an hour!
GradeII - III
FinishO'Cahan's Rock
Access PointsDungiven Carrick Rocks Dog Leap O'Cahan's Rock

River Strule

DescriptionThe Strule is a pleasant touring river with small weirs and shingle rapids. A new weir in Omagh town should be approached with extreme caution as it is closed at either end.
GradeI - II
StartOmagh Town
Access PointsOmagh Town Newtownstewart

Shimna River

DescriptionThe Shimna is a serious undertaking and can only be paddled after heavy rain. Accessing by Trassey Bridge is straight on to a steep grade IV fall. Local knowledge is advisable as river is very continuous and technical and is often blocked with trees.
GradeIV (V, VI)
StartTrassey Bridge
FinishPriests Bridge
Access PointsTrassey Bridge GR: 309-312 Clonachullion Bridge GR: 311-317 Priests Bridge GR: 360-321
Extra InfoThere is no access to the river in Tollymore Forest park.

Six Mile Water

DescriptionBetween Dunadry and Muckamore there are a significant number of weirs and rapids. Below Muckamore the weirs are less frequent.
FinishAntrim Forum
Access PointsDunadry GR: 200-850 Muckamore GR: 167-855 Antrim Forum GR: 135-868

The Upper Derg

DescriptionFlowing east from Lough Derg in County Donegal towards Castlederg in County Tyrone. Best paddled during rain but due to the lake it can hold its level for some time after rain. The initial 1km follows the road and is therefore easy to inspect. After this there area series of grade III – IV rapids. These are all easily inspected and protected from river left. The Derg is joined by the Glendargan River at 3.5km. The river then enters the Gorge, a narrow rock channel. A relaxing final 5km is an easy grade I/II to the exit below the bridge.
GradeIII - IV
StartLeguin Bridge GR H127 778
FinishAghyaran Bridge (nr Killeter) GR

Upper Bann

DescriptionThe Upper Bann must be one of the best coaching rivers in the country. There are many rapids and small weirs as well as a number of large weirs. The rapids all have clearly defined eddies and there are many play waves and jets of water. Water levels on Upper Bann can get quite low in the summer. A Hilltown start is possible but only a period of significant rain. The best section is from Banbridge to Tullylish. Upstream of Corbett the river is flatter although there are still numerous simple rapids and is excellent for open canoe touring. Downstream of Tullylish there are further small rapids and weirs however the river begins to calm down towards Portadown. Canoeists are encouraged to use the egress point in Gilford rather going through the graveyard at Tullylish.
GradeII wiers
Access PointsHilltown GR: J217290 Ballynagapogge GR: J236334 McCombs Bridge GR J232332 Ballyroney GR: J223374 Katesbridge GR: J211408 Corbett GR: J167448 Ballydown: GR J138 450 Banbridge Leisure Centre GR:J125462 Havelock park GR: J119469 Tullylish GR: J079484 Gilford Portadown

White Water River

DescriptionThe Whitewater is a superb narrow cresta run but can only be undertaken after significantly heavy rain. This is a good training river for Alpine paddling as it is very continuous at the grade until Mourne Park.
GradeIII - IV
Access PointsAttical GR: 273-191 Whitewater Bridge GR: 268-153
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