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Printable Maps

Printable maps for each of the canoe trails are available in PDF format. Click on a map file name below to open it in Adobe Reader, (required - download it here) from where you can print it or download it to your computer or mobile device.

The purpose of these downloadable maps is to display the new canoe trail route. It is advised to use these alongside the relevant OSNI sheet(s).

 NameFile Size
PDFBlackwater Canoe Trail, (1) Blackwater - Moy.pdf908.32 KB
PDFBlackwater Canoe Trail, (3) Verners Bridge - Coney Island.pdf724.00 KB
PDFBlackwater Overview.pdf1.55 MB
PDFBlackwater Canoe Trail, (2) Moy - Verners Bridge.pdf1.01 MB
PDFBlackwater Canoe Trail Guide.pdf1.09 MB
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