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The CanoeNI team has combined their knowledge with that of many local experts to design a variety of canoeing itineraries to allow you make the most of your next short break or day trip to the Blackwater Canoe Trail. These are our favourite itineraries however the beauty of this 20km trail is that these can be mixed and matched to create an almost infinite number of itineraries.

ItineraryDistanceDaysStart Access Point
Blackwatertown – Bond’s Bridge

5.5 mile (9km) trip along Blackwater Canoe Trail

5.5 miles (9km)1Blackwatertown 2
Blackwatertown – Coney Island

Excellent two day flat water paddle with overnight camp

13.75 miles (22km)2Blackwatertown 2
Blackwatertown – Verner’s Bridge

Manageable day trip along Blackwater Canoe Trail

7.5 miles (12km)1Blackwatertown 2
Maydown Bridge - Coney Island

The trail from start to finish

15.25 miles (24.5kms)2Maydown Bridge
Moy – Coney Island

Take in the highlights of this trail

9 miles (15km)1-2Moy 3
Moy – Verner’s Bridge

4.5 mile (7km) trip – perfect bite sized day trip

4.5 miles (7km)1/2 DayMoy 3
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