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Trail Overview

Lough Neagh is the United Kingdom’s largest inland lake with a shoreline of over 90miles/150km. The Lough Neagh Trail links the Blackwater Trail, which enters at the southern end, and the Lower Bann Trail, which exits at the northern end. Combining these trails it is possible to paddle from the southern part of Northern Ireland to the Atlantic Ocean on the north coast.

In the days when waterways provided a means of transporting goods Lough Neagh was an important hub which linked the Lagan, the Blackwater and Ulster and Newry canals. Today the main water based transport is by sand barges which remove sand from the lough bed and transfer it to quays on the northern and eastern shores.

A unique and diverse shoreline together with the vastness of open water provides for the novice and experienced paddlers, while the rich wild life – the lough being an important conservation area- and numerous historical sites ensures that the paddlers have a fulfilling experience.

The trail can be started at any access point and can be completed in full or in part. It can be a serious undertaking as large waves build up on the vast expanse of open water during windy periods, challenging the most competent paddler.

This website has been designed for canoeists by canoeists. It provides practical advice on everything required for an enjoyable experience including details of camp sites, access points, phone numbers etc.

Happy paddling!

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