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Alterations to Printed Guide

A new waterproof guide for the Lough Erne Canoe Trail was printed in October 2012. The original guide which was printed in May 2005 is now obsolete as there have been significant improvements made to the trail.

The new Lough Erne Canoe Trail Guide is available to order or download for free.

The interactive maps and downloadable PDF maps from this website are all up to date.

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Changes since October 2012

Assaroe Lake

It is no longer possible to extend your journey from Belleek at the north west end of Lower Lough Erne across the border to Assaroe Lake in the Republic of Ireland.

The Cliff Hydro Power Station (GR H934599) presents a serious hazard to canoeists and therefore journeys from Lower Lough Erne should cease before the disused eel fishery (GR H938950).  Once, the Hydro Power Station begins to generate (often at short notice) the flow of the river can increase to 200 tonnes per second.  

Access to Belleek remains at Belleek Marina (GR H943588) which is a 200m walk to the village centre. 

Castlecaldwell GR H014 605

The Lough Erne Canoe Trail Guide indicates there is a slip way at this site.  This is an error, however jetty access / egress is available.

Davey's Island GR H174 593 

Due to deforestation access to the historical ruins are now innaccessible. 

Rossigh GR H179 556

There are no longer showers available at this access point.

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