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Trannish Island Bothy

Trannish Island Bothy and campsite provides a fantastic overnight camping experience but requires the complete cooperation of all visitors to help with maintenance and upkeep. The following information will ensure your whole group are aware of them before your visit.

Bothy Facilities

The Bothy can accommodate up to about 12 people sleeping inside and offers warm dry accommodation, self composting toilets (1 disabled access), showers (1 disabled access) two covered outdoor BBQ areas, a shelter for storing firewood and an area for hanging wet gear, etc, as well as a substantial campsite with the possibility of Tee-pees in Summer Months. There are some platforms which can be slept on, but no mattresses or bedding. There is a small table and some chairs, a wood burning stove, cooking areas. Users must bring their own cooking equipment including trangia/stove, utensils, etc, along with any fire wood needed. However, from time to time, SHARE will undertake small amounts of tree thinning and pruning as part of ongoing management. Feel free to use any branches you find laying on the ground but please do not cut any branches from the trees.

To avoid disappointment, all users are advised to bring everything they think they will need during their stay, including drinking water, toilet paper, washing up liquid, cooking pots, matches, candles, etc. Many past users may donate such items on departure. Any additional donations would be gratefully received, however, we would ask visitors not to leave any perishable food that will go off or attract rats.

Access to the island

The Bothy is located on the western side of the island OS Lough Erne Activity Map (Grid Reference H323292), to the north side of the totem pole. The landing point is at the end of the short channel and is shallow at both sides. There is currently no pontoon, however small boats can land and be hauled up onto the beach. Lough Erne is not tidal, so assuming there is no torrential rain; you should not have to worry about tidal rise and drop assuming the boats are lifted up onto the shore well clear of the water and tied down.

Bookings and charges

All bookings for the Bothy are coordinated through Share Discovery Village on 028 677 22122. The charges, which go towards running, administration and maintenance costs, must also be paid in full before allocation of key code. Charges are as follows:

Bothy £8 per person per night sharing, OR

£80 for exclusive use of the Bothy.

Campsite £2 per person per night

  • Share cannot guarantee exclusive use of the campsite/island
  • Share do not provide tents for public use

Please note that booking the use of the Bothy does not include the fenced camping area at the western side of the Bothy or exclusive use of the showers and toilets. If you have booked to use the Bothy, for an evening stay, we expect visitors to vacate by midday the following day, to allow the handover of use to the next visitors. Arrival at the bothy is anytime after 3pm.

Please note that the island is only part owned by SHARE and often is inhabited by livestock, so please remember to close all gates and do not venture into fields or buildings other than those incorporated within the Bothy grounds. We encourage all visitors to comply with the ethics of “Leave No Trace”, taking particular care to minimise the effects of fire and remove all litter on departure.

Access to the Bothy

A regularly changed key code is required for the Bothy doors which, after booking and payment, can be retrieved within opening hours from Share Discovery Village 028 6772 2122: Please note, this venue is not open 24hrs so it is vital that you phone ahead to obtain your key code.

Further Volunteering

During your stay, there are many other ways you can help us to look after the island and its wildlife. Why not collect litter washed up on the shore or help to repair any broken fences. You could help by recording any interesting wildlife observations in the Bothy’s visitor book. The upkeep of the bothy requires the input of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Olwen Lewis on 028 6772 2122


In an emergency, contact the coastguard (999) or Share Discovery Village (office hours only) on 028 6772 2122

Booking Notes and Booking Form


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