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Guided Trips

NameProvided byFrom PriceDaysOverview 
Wild Atlantic Salmon tourFar and Wild£60.001 Try one of our niche eco-tours in any of 4 selected locations in the magnificent Foyle catchmentMore >
Exploring Wild WaterFar and Wild£60.001 Take a white water trip in the North West of Ireland on the Foyle feeder rivers, the Mourne, Stroule or Derg or wherever the water is up! If you want to move from paddling flat to moving water- here is your ideal opportunity.More >
Explore Lough FoyleFar and Wild£30.001 Explore the Lough Foyle basin as it is best seen- from the water. Learn new kayak skills and experience the unique flora and fauna all along the new canoe trail from Lifford to MovilleMore >
Foyle Canoe Trail Guided TripsInish Adventures£35.001 Join the local expertsMore >
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