Canoe Trails

Northern Ireland's canoe trails are shown on the map above. Click on a Canoe Trail to view an interactive access point map and a comprehensive guide detailing directions,facilities, and other useful information.

A canoe trail is an interesting or challenging stretch of water which offers public access for canoeists to paddle.  It is indicated on a map showing its associated facilities such as jetties, slipways, car parks and toilets.  At designated access points, information panels provide additional details of its features and that of the surrounding area.  Canoe trails may be paddled as a whole section or in sections.

Planning your trip could not be easier as each canoe trail has it own official waterproof guide, designed by canoeists for canoeists. These can be ordered or downloaded free of charge or are available from all Northern Irish Tourist Information Centres. They include a range of useful information such as map, campsites, visitor attractions, toilets and more.

Please note that a Canoe Trail is not necessarily an A-B trip - if the flow of water is gentle then the trail can be started or finished at any point. On the faster flowing rivers a Trail can be started at any access point along the trail and can be finished at any point further down stream.

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